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Shadowmage / Jan 07, 2018 / Boss Kill

By Thralls balls! They're everywhere!We come charging out of christmas and the new year break with a new kill! Now we go for the actual hard bosses!Image:

Shadowmage / Dec 19, 2017 / Boss Kill

I may or may not have been forgetting to upload our kills in the past 2 weeks, but fear not! For I have remembered to do it today!We have had a very busy few weeks as we fight our way towards the soul of Argus to finally put an end to the Burning ...

Shadowmage / Oct 18, 2017 / Boss Kill

Nothing screams overtuned than this guy right here, nothing says "balanced" than 453~ wipes on a last boss!But aside from the unforgiving mechanics of the fight, the fight overall was tons of fun!And now we wait a few more weeks then we get to go ...