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Shadowmage / Feb 27, 2018 / Boss Kill

ARRR MATEYS!WE BE SAVIN' AZEROTH ALL FINE N MIGHTY LIKE, BUT AVAST THE EVIL SARGERAS STILL STUCK HIS SWORD RIGHT THROUGH THE VERY PLANET ANYWAY!Although we had a bit of a struggle roster wise in this tier (could have easily killed this a week earl...

Shadowmage / Feb 24, 2018 / Boss Kill

Long ago, legend tells a tale of Aurora Nox killing Agrammar.This legend is actually true and I've been a little pre-occupied to update the front page!Hopefully in years to come I might update the front page when Argus goes down....

Shadowmage / Jan 07, 2018 / Boss Kill

By Thralls balls! They're everywhere!We come charging out of christmas and the new year break with a new kill! Now we go for the actual hard bosses!Image: