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Rank: Officer
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Joined: Jul 16, 2016
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8 days
Shadowmage added a news entry

Mythic: Maide'n Arab

We mainly raid Mythic difficulty to challenge ourselves, to work as a team and come together to overcome a difficult fight.Then we got to Maiden, and we all thought: "What can we do to make this fight harder?""Let's soak the opposite coloured orbs...
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15 days
Shadowmage added a news entry

Mythic: Missdis Jellyfish

We finally reached the difficulty spike in Tomb. And although it hit us rather hard, we managed to prevail once we pushed through all the AFKing people!All with the help of our little Bufferfish friend, love the buffer fish, be ONe WiTh tHe bUfFEr...
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1 month
Shadowmage added a news entry

Mythic: Tomb of Sarahgarius

We've had a busy few weeks! So busy I haven't been able to post these kills! So, here is our kill list!Mythic: Goroth (picture unavailable, but I promise we killed it!)Mythic: Demoic Inquisition Harjatan http:...
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4 months
Shadowmage added a news entry

Mythic: Gul'DEAD

It's been a long and winding road, we've had many ups and downs this tier and even a guild restructure. But we quickly got back on our feet and secured the Illidan Inner Demon Gul'dan kill!And now, more challenges await us within the Tomb of Sarge...
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