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Mythic: Maide'n Arab

Shadowmage / Aug 15, 2017 / Boss Kill
We mainly raid Mythic difficulty to challenge ourselves, to work as a team and come together to overcome a difficult fight.

Then we got to Maiden, and we all thought: "What can we do to make this fight harder?"

"Let's soak the opposite coloured orbs!" Sicktrial said.

"Let's 19 man it!" Hazarder said.

"Let's jump down the hole!" Grozkal said.

All brilliant ideas, so naturally we combined all 3.

We removed Sicktrial from the guild, we only stuck with 19 people, and Grozkal jumped down the hole. Sounds like the perfect night! And was it so.

Another boss dead, now onto the really REALLY hard stuff! I wonder what strange tactic we will come up with this time....

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