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Shadowmage / Dec 04, 2016 / Boss Kill

Tight DPS? CheckHealer stressing mechanics? CheckTank swap debuff? What? No? Is this even a real raid boss?Whilst the main tank Bahsinga heroically took ALL the damage, the lowly off tank was warming the bench and muttering something about 6k ms (...

Shadowmage / Nov 27, 2016 / Boss Kill

About the bird?Or well, about the boss! Mythic Odyn finishes his "test" which we have had so many off and done so many times. Are we worthy yet?Now to take on Fluffy! I mean Guarm!Image Source:

Shadowmage / Oct 27, 2016 / Boss Kill

Did not expect to down 2 bosses in 1 night, but one thing for certain the last boss wasn't exactly a living nightmare!Image Source: