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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
About Us
1. About us:
  • We want to create a healthy environment that consists of nice people that can socialize with eachother and become friends.
  • We want to have fun while playing the game and clear content at a reasonable pace.
  • We are aiming to push for TOP 300 while maintaining a relaxed raiding schedule.
  • We promote a relaxed and social atmosphere in our guild, we are open to all sort of jokes as long as that's all they are, jokes.
  • We expect people to respect one another and have a proper conduit both in the guild while also outside of it.
  • We are an international guild so we require a good level of both speaking and understanding the English language.

2. Application Process:
  • We process applications through a standard app form on our website at the following URL:
  • You will receive an automated e-mail from our system once your application was successfully submitted.
  • The average response time for an application is one week.
  • If we decide to accept you as a trial, you will have a meeting over voice comms (TeamSpeak3) with our officers.

3. Trials:
  • We are looking for consistent, reliable, social and experienced people that can play all their specs (except for healers or tanks).
  • We want people that have a decent raiding experience and will always have the guild interests in mind.
  • Our trial period is usualy 4 weeks, but it can vary depending on how much trials get to raid or how they perform.
  • During the trial period you will not receive priority on any gear, unless our raiders dont need it or its a very small upgrade for them compared to you.
  • We expect trials to be able to give and receive constructive criticism without taking things personally.
  • We require new people to be able to communicate properly on TS, this means a working microphone and a decent social ability, not be afraid to admit a mistake and not be toxic or mean to other people.
  • Trials need to be able to learn and improve from their mistakes and adapt to in-game changes between patches.

4. Raiding:
  • We aim for a tight group of around 25 raiders that can have close to 95% raiding attendance.
  • We only raid 3 days a week (Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday).
  • Raid hours are from 19:30 to 00:00 server time and invites go out 15 minutes prior to raid start.
  • We never extend the raid night nor do we add an extra raiding day.
  • For progress we will always choose the best raid setup both class wise and skill wise.
  • We are using a loot council system that aims to be fair to everyone while also gearing with a progress mentality.
  • We expect our raiders to be online 15 minutes before the raid starts on all mandatory raid days, both during progress and on farm, no matter what we do.
  • We expect everyone to come prepared for every raid encounter, this means: knowing the mechanics, having all consumables, play the correct spec, etc.
  • We expect our raiders to prioritize the guild goals rather than their own personal goals, if you start a tier with us we expect you to progress with us till the end of the tier (unless real life issues occur).

If you have any other questions feel free to contact an officer. Thank you for your interest in our guild!